Patrick Henry - Liberty or Death


Below is a video project of Texas SAR Compatriot Dr. Gary N. Sisson performing as Patrick Henry.  His description of the project is as follows:

"I have been performing as Patrick Henry for almost 15 years now.  I was approached numerous times over the years about filming it.  I felt it would be a great means of reaching as many as possible, as well as having a record for posterity, so when the opportunity arose to make a legitimate, high quality video, we found a perfect location right here in Bonham at a rustic replica of Fort Inglish, an early settlement here in Fannin County.  I recruited a few of my SAR and reenactor friends and filmed on a Sunday in October of 2011."

DVD copies of the video are available for $20 (shipping included) directly from:

Dr. Gary N. Sisson
413 Blackmon Trail
Bells, TX  75414-3414