2023 Chapter and Individual Awards

Awarded during the 128th Annual Convention, March 30 - April 2, 2023



The Galveston Award:  Established by Bernardo Galvez Chapter and is presented to the chapter with the highest % of increase of donations to the Texas SAR Col. Joe Hill Patriots Fund.

Winner: Bluebonnet #41 Dist. #4
Honorable Mention: Athens #54 Dist. #10


The Frank Watkins Award:  Established by the Hill Country Chapter in Honor of Frank Watkins and is presented to the chapter having the highest % of members contributing to the Texas SAR Col. Joe Hill Patriots Fund in the past year.

Winner: Amb. Fletcher Warren #43 Dist. #11
Honorable Mention: Col. Turner Sharp #9 Dist. #1


The Karl E. Wallace Award:  Given by the Texas SAR in honor of Past President Karl E. Wallace to the Chapter having the highest % of membership increase during the past year.

Winner: Capt. John McAdams #27 Dist. #8
Honorable Mention: East Fork Trinity #47 Dist. #6


The Adrian Drouilhet Award:  Named for Sect. Treasurer Emeritus Adrian Drouilhet, and awarded to the Chapter with the most new members under 50 years of age.

Winner: Paul Carrington #5 Dist. #7
Honorable Mention: Patrick Henry #11 Dist. #4
Honorable Mention: McKinney #63 Dist. #11


Col. Joe M. Hill Patriot Fund Awards:  Awarded annually to each Chapter that has total contributions that exceed the total of the previous year.

Winners: San Antonio #4 Dist 3
  Paul Carrington #5 * Dist 7
  Arlington #7 Dist 5
  Col. Turner Sharp #9 * Dist 1
  Panhandle Plains #10 Dist 2
  Patrick Henry #11 * Dist 4
  Texas Tech #15 Dist 2
  Paul Revere #19 Dist 7
  Lt. Nathan Gann #28 * Dist 10
  William Hightower #35 Dist 3
  Plano #37 Dist 6
  Independence #40 * Dist 8
  Bluebonnet #41 * Dist 4
  Liberty #42 Dist 9
  Brazos Valley #45 * Dist 5
  Alexander Hodge #49 Dist 7
  Robert Rankin #62 Dist 8
  McKinney #63 Dist 11
  Ark-La-Tex #69 Dist 10


Col. Joe M. Hill Jr. Membership Award:  Is presented in honor of our past President Col. Joe. M. Mill Jr. and is given to each chapter that achieves the goal of 100% membership renewal in the past year.

Winners: Texas Tech #15 Dist 2
  Quanah Parker #67 * Dist 5
  Peter Sides #68 Dist 4

* = repeat winners (White Star)


The John K. Harrell CAR Activities Award:

This award recognizes Compatriot John Harrell’s dedication and support of the national, state, and local programs, activities, and recognition of the strong relationship between the two societies of the Sons of the American Revolution and the Children of the American Revolution.

(Compatriot Harrell believed that building and supporting CAR Societies at all levels would strengthen strong relationships for the common good of NSSAR and NSCAR and would enhance the promise of new members to SAR and DAR.  This award is presented to any chapter who participates in 8 of the 10 elements outlined by the NSSAR CAR Committee.)

Winners: Robert Rankin #62 Dist. #8


The John K. Harrell CAR Competition Awards:  Awards are presented to Texas SAR Chapters based on CAR activities submitted in their Chapter Annual Reports for the calendar year.  Awards are presented to Chapters for participation in CAR programs and activities promoting an active relationship between the SAR Chapters and local CAR Societies.

Group #1 (10 - 25 members) none  
Group #2 (26 - 99 members) Robert Rankin #62 Dist. #8
Group #3 (100 + members) none  


Texas SAR Flag Presentation Awards:  Given to Chapters having recognized an Individual, Company, or Organization for the proper display, maintenance, and care for flying the Flag of the United States during the past year.  The Texas SAR will receive the “Furlong Award" this year with over half of the chapters giving Flag awards.

Galvez #1 * Dist. #7
Dallas #2 * Dist. #6
San Antonio #4 Dist. #3
Maj. K.M. Van Zandt #6 * Dist. #5
Arlington #7 * Dist. #5
Paul Revere #19 * Dist. #4
Denton #23 * Dist. #11
Heart of Texas #26 Dist. #4
Cradle of Texas #33 * Dist. #7
Edmund Terrill #34 * Dist. #11
Plano #37 * Dist. #6
Freedom #38 * Dist. #8
Bluebonnet #41 * Dist. #4
Amb. Fletcher Warren #43 * Dist. #11
  Brazos Valley #45 Dist. #5
East Fork Trinity #47 Dist. #6
  Alexander Hodge #49 Dist. #7
PineyWoods #51 * Dist. #8
Athens #54 * Dist. #10
  Live Oak #55 * Dist. #9
East Texas #57 Dist. #10
  Fredonia #58 Dist. #10
McKinney #63 * Dist. #11
Ark-La-Tex #69 Dist. #10
Repeat Winners from last year  


Awarded at Saturday Second General Session


The John Bruce Stuart Jr. Memorial Award:  Established by Plano Chapter in memory of Compatriot John B. Stuart Jr. and is awarded to the Chapter that best meets the criteria based on Veterans activities in the past year.

Group #1 (10 - 25 members) Corpus Christi #14 Dist. #9
Group #2 (26 -39 members) Edmund Terrill #34 Dist. #11
Group #3 (40 - 100 members) Robert Rankin #62 Dist. #8
Group #4 (100+ members) San Antonio #4 Dist. #3


The Marshall Hunter Award:  Sponsored by the Capt. Wm. Barron Chapter and presented in two categories, based on the chapter membership at the end of the Texas SAR year for the highest percentage of members attending their regular meetings.

Group #1 (1 - 99 members) Ark-La-Tex #69 Dist. #10
Group #2 (100+ members) Athens #54 Dist. #10


The Hartsell O. Stephens Award:  Given in honor of Hartsell O. Stephens and awarded to the individual who sponsors the most new compatriots during the past Texas SAR year.

Winner: Charles Wagner (33 Apps) Paul Carrington #5 Dist. #7
Honorable Mention: David Powell (17 Apps)
Thomas E. Milson (17 Apps)
East Fork Trinity #47
McKinney #63
Dist. #6
Dist. #11


The E. A. Limmer Award:  Created by the Heart Of Texas Chapter and is given to the Chapter having the highest percentage of approved Supplemental applications approved during the past year.

Group #1 (10 - 25 members) Quanah Parker #67 Dist. #5
Group #2 (26 - 39 members) Ark-La-Tex #69 Dist. #10
Group #3 (40 - 100 members) East Fork Trinity #47 Dist. #6
Group #4 (100+ members) Dallas #2 Dist. #6


The Wilbur S. Strong Award:  The Wilbur S. Strong Award for a New Chapter is awarded to the Chapter formed during the past year, having the highest score on the Outstanding Chapter Contest.

Winner: none  


Awarded at Saturday Youth Contest Awards Luncheon


Robert Ritchie Oration Awards for Joseph Rumbaugh Contest:  This Contest is open to students in the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Classes in all public, parochial, and private schools.  The Oration is presented without script or props.  The winner proceeds to the National SAR Contest.

1st Place Sponsoring Chapter  
Terry Tae-Hwan Kim Dallas #2 Region 4 Dist. #6
2nd Place    
Josef Dale Fruehwirth Freedom #38 Region 6 Dist. #8
3rd Place    
William Lance Cartwright Bernardo de Galvez #1 Region 6 Dist. #7
4th Place    
Ashton David Rushing Paul Carrington #5 Region 6 Dist. #7
5th Place    
Rebecca Ann Crisp San Antonio #4 Region 2 Dist. #3


The Tom & Betty Lawrence American History Teacher Award:  This award is presented to an American History Teacher based on an Essay and Recommendation letters from peers, students, and supervisors.

Winner - Elementary School: Sponsoring Chapter  
Winner - Middle School: Sponsoring Chapter  
George Brown (McKinney Hunt MS) McKinney #63 Dist. #11
Winner - High School: * Sponsoring Chapter  
Elizabeth A. Rose (Mesquite Poteet HS) Dallas #2 Dist. #6
* Overall Texas Winner


The H. Ross Perot Eagle Scout Scholarship Award:  Given to an Eagle Scout who was passed by the Boy Scout Board.  The applicant submits a scholarship application, four (4) generation chart, and a Five Hundred (500) Word Essay on the American Revolution.

1st Place Sponsoring Chapter  
Matthew Scott Westfall Robert Rankin #62 Dist. #8
2nd Place    
Wyatt Richard Borden Victoria #50 Dist. #9
3rd Place    
Mason R. Pinon Piney Woods # 51 Dist. #8


The JROTC Scholarship Award:  Outstanding Cadets are chosen by their respective Unit Commanding Officers.  The Cadets are nominated based on their outstanding leadership, Military Bearing and Good Citizenship.

First place    
Lainey S. Robert Rankin Chapter #62 Dist. #8
Second place    
Blake Eddins PineWoods #51 Dist. #8
Third place    
Elyse Garcia Alexander Hodge #49 Dist. #7


George S. & Stella M. Knight Scholarship Award:  Given to a Junior or Senior High School Student who writes the best Five Hundred (500) Word Essay on an Event, Topic, Person, or Ideal associated with the American Revolution.

1st Place Sponsoring Chapter  
David Phillip Gibson Plano #37 Dist. #6
2nd Place    
Allison Maureen Fruehwirth Freedom #38 Dist. #8
3rd Place    
Julia Grace Maj. K. M. Van Zandt #6 Dist. #5


The Texas SAR C. A. R. Scholarship Essay Awards:  Given to Male and Female members of the Children of the American Revolution who write the best Four Hundred Fifty - Five Hundred (450-500) Word Essay on an Event, Topic, Person, or ideal on the Revolutionary Period as announced.

These awards are presented at the TSCAR State Convention.

1st Place Sponsoring Chapter  
Reagan Elizabeth Meredith
Pocahontas Society - T.S.C.A.R.
Indepence #40 Dist. #8
2nd Place    
Caroline Kendall Jackson
James Bates Society - T.S.C.A.R.
Paul Carrington #5 Dist. #7
3rd Place    
Bella Kate W.
Joel Terrell Society - T.S.C.A.R.
Maj. K.M. Van Zandt #6 Dist. #5


The Texas Society SAR Dr. Robert S. Cohen and Dr. Jane Watkins Cohen 4-H Award:  Given to a member of 4-H in Grades 9-12 who attends the Texas 4-H Roundup and enters the Public speaking Contest.  This award is presented to the First Place Winner of the Contest who may be invited to present their speech at the Annual Youth Luncheon.

Winner Jacqueline Rand  


Awarded at Saturday General Session


The James M. Looney Elementary School Poster Contest Award:  This contest was developed to help stimulate interest in American History in support of the Texas School Fifth (5th) Grade Curriculum.  The Posters are judged on artistic merit, creativity used to express the annual theme, originality of presentation, and show evidence of research done by the student.

1st Place Sponsoring Chapter  
John Everett Humber Cradle of Texas #33 Dist. #7
2nd Place    
Isabel Covey Athens #54 Dist. #10
3rd Place    
RyLee Steffes Dallas #2 Dist. #6
4th Place    
C. (Clara) F. William Hightower #35 Dist. #3
5th Place    
C. (Caleb) H. Amb. Fletcher Warren #43 Dist. #11
6th Place    
Christopher Boyles San Antonio #4 Dist. #3


The Sgt. Moses Adams Memorial Middle School Brochure Contest:  This contest was developed to help stimulate interest in American History in support of the established Middle school curriculum.  It is directed at students in the 6th, 7th, 8th, or 9th grades, depending in which year the American Revolution is taught in their educational system.  The brochures are judged on content, creativity, and correctness.

1st Place Sponsoring Chapter  
Abigail Humber Cradle of Texas #33 Dist. #7
2nd Place    
Kevin D. Paul Carrington #5 Dist. #7
3rd Place    
Aarya Joshi Robert Rankin #62 Dist. #8
4th Place    
Gloria A. Dallas #2 Dist. #6
5th Place    
Thanisha B. Bernardo de Galvez #1 Dist. #7
6th Place    
Cash Canahuati Freedom #38 Dist. #8


The Joseph Plumb Martin Video Contest: This contest provides an opportunity for contestants to express their patriotism through an annual video contest.  It is open to all high school students (9th through 12th grades) attending home schools, public schools, parochial schools, or private high schools.

1st Place Sponsoring Chapter  
Tatum H. Independence #40 Dist. #8


The Ross Shipman Awards:  Selected by the Newsletter Committee.  Best Newsletters published during the past year.

Winners: 1 to 4 sheets  
1st  Place none  
Winners: 5 or more sheets  
1st  Place none  
Winners Small Chapters 10-50: Electronic  
Winners Medium Chapters 51-100: Electronic  
1st  Place William Hightower #35
The Hightower Recorder; Kris Krueger, Editor
Dist. #3
2nd  Place Freedom #38
Freedom Rings; David Hamaker, Editor
Dist. #8
3rd Place PineyWoods #51
Pine Shavings; Larry Stevens, Editor
Dist. #8
WinnersLarge Chapters 100+: Electronic  
1st  Place San Antonio #4
The San Antonio Compatriot; Frank Rohrbough, Editor
Dist. #3
2nd  Place Maj. K.M. Van Zandt #6
The Chisholm Trail News; Ron Turner, Editor
Dist. #5
3rd Place Patrick Henry #11
The Patrick Henry Crier; James Clements, Editor
Dist. #4


The Texas SAR Yearbook Award:  Presented to the Chapter submitting the best YEARBOOK as judged by the Year Book Committee.  The Year Book is the historical record of the chapter activities for the past Texas SAR year. Awarded at the October 2021 BOM due to Covid delay.

Group 11 - 49)    
   1st place Edmund Terrill Chapter #34 Dist. #11
   2nd place Ark-La-Tex #69 Dist. #10
Group 2 (50 - 99)    
   1st place Robert Rankin #62 Dist. #8
   2nd place McKinney #63 Dist. #11
Group 3 (100 +)    
   1st place Dallas, Chapter #2 Dist. #6
   2nd place Plano #37 Dist. #6
   3rd place Piney Woods #51 Dist. #8
Digital Edition    
  no awards  


The Texas SAR Outstanding Public Service Awards:  Awarded to Chapters that give all 4 Public Service Awards during the year.

Winners: Edmund Terrill #34 Dist. #11
  Amb. Fletcher Warren #43 Dist. #11
  Robert Rankin #62 Dist. #8


The Texas SAR Americanism Awards:  This was formerly the Louis J. Rumaggi Trophy and is given to a chapter that develops an exceptional program to recognize patriotic activities of the youth of the state, supports institutions and adults that promote patriotic education, recognizes observance of national holidays, and recognizes outstanding citizenship during the past year.

Group #1 (1 - 25 members) Peter Sides #68 Dist. #4
Group #2 (26 - 39 members) Edmund Terrill #34 Dist. #11
Group #3 (40 - 100 members) Robert Rankin #62 Dist. #8
Group #4 (100+ members) Freedom #38 Dist. #8
Repeat Winners from last year  


Texas SAR Outstanding Chapter Award:  Awarded to Chapters that excelled in all programs, activities, and outreach to non-SAR institutions and groups as reflected in the 12 sections of the Chapter Annual Report.  The award is given to Chapters in four categories for their participation in the majority of programs contained in the Annual Report.

These include meetings and programs, Media relations for articles, radio and TV coverage, publication of a Chapter Newsletter and operating a chapter web site, observing patriotic holidays, dedication of graves, conducting flag programs, awarding medals and certificates to SAR, DAR, CAR members and recognizing outstanding non-SAR people who support the goals of the SAR.

Monetary contributions to the Patriots Fund, National Society projects, and the C.A.R. are important as well as the participation in Youth Programs.  Also included is work to maintain a viable membership base - retaining members.  Bringing in C.A.R. members aging out into SAR is essential as is the participation in state meetings.  Chapters are encouraged to establish and maintain a Color Guard with appropriate activities in parades, schools, and flag programs.  There are Veteran activities and finally participation and recognition of the C.A.R. and its members at chapter meetings and attending TSCAR events.

The bottom line is to promote the ideals of the Sons of the American Revolution.

Group #1 (1 - 25 members) Col. Turner Sharp Chapter #9 Dist. #1
Group #2 (26 - 39 members) Edmund Terrill #34 Dist. #11
Group #3 (40 - 100 members) Robert Rankin #62 Dist. #8
Group #4 (100+ members) Freedom #38 Dist. #8
Repeat Winners from last year