ROTC/JROTC Recognition Program
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The SAR awards the JROTC/ROTC Medal to foster the principle of the“Citizen-soldier”, exemplified by the Minutemen of Revolutionary War Days.

The Silver ROTC Medal is presented only to students in a college or university ROTC unit.

The Bronze JROTC Medal is presented only to students in secondary school JROTC units.

Bronze and Silver ROTC Medals can be ordered from the NSSAR Merchandise store with chapter reimbursement available under the terms of the Texas SAR ROTC/JROTC Medal Reimbursement Program detailed on the private side of the Texas SAR website.


The Enhanced JROTC Program

In addition, there is the enhanced JROTC program which follows the information, forms and rules, available at the National Society Web Site.  A signed release form must accompany each entry or it will be disqualified.  No Social Security number is to be placed on this work!!!!!!!

The enhanced JROTC program is for Outstanding cadets in their JUNIOR year of JROTC (a Third Year Cadet-11th grade) in a four year program.  For a two year JROTC program, a Second Year Cadet may be selected.

The Texas SAR ENHANCED JROTC recipient will receive a Scholarship of $3,500.00 at the State Conference.  The second and third place winners will receive a cash award of $750.00 and $500.00 respectively.  Conference location information can be obtained from the Events section of the Texas SAR web site.

The closing date for the receipt of the completed application is February 1 of each year.  These are to be submitted by sending a PDF file of the scanned documents to Jack Haughton, Chairman, Texas SAR JROTC Committee at

The Texas SAR recipient will be submitted to National as the state candidate.  The National Award is an additional $5000.00 and is awarded to the winner from the applicants submitted by the states.


Travel Expenses

The Enhanced JROTC Program winner will be reimbursed according to the Travel and Convention Expense Allowance schedule for travel to the Texas SAR state convention.

Award recipients are responsible for any/all other costs including additional meals.  If there are any questions about reimbursements, please contact the Chairman of your respective contest.