Texas SAR 250 News!


The Texas SAR 250 Committee is organising and preparing.
Peter Baron is chairing the Texas SAR America 250 Recognition Committee.
Tom Jackson is chairing the Texas SAR America 250 Programs & Events Committee.
Looking for someone to chair the Texas SAR America 250 Publicity & Communications Committee

Texas & NJ
As a part of our society's efforts to celebrate America's 250th Anniversary the Texas SAR is partnering with the New Jersey Society.  Watch for more news about this partnership from the Texas SAR 250 Committee.
NJSSAR has moved the "Brothers in Colors" initiative forward so TXSSAR is invited to all our upcoming events at this link.
Check your lineage and see if you have a NJ patriot.  If so (or even if not), you might consider becoming a dual member of the New Jersey Society, here is a link to the NJ dual member application.

Texas 250 Events
19 March James Lemmon Grave Marking, Lancaster Texas.  Click here for more information.

The 11 Sept 2022 Texas SAR State Event held in Bonham Texas for the James Carter Patriot Grave Marking, was attended by over 70 people including Texas SAR President Jim Kuykendall & Texas DAR State Regent Marcy Carter-Lovick.
North Texas e-News - Ceremony honors Revolutionary War veteran buried in Bonham
North Texas e-News - Ceremony at Revolutionary War veteran's gravesite in Bonham set Sept. 11

Long Range Efforts
Monument project
The Texas SAR plans to commemorate the 250th Anniversary of our Independence with a monument dedicated to the Patriots of the Revolution buried in Texas.  The monument, which will be located at the Texas State Cemetery in Austin, will name these Patriots and remind this and future generations of their contributions to the Cause.  We are planning to erect and dedicate the monument at the time of our 250th Independence Day, but in order to meet our goals, we need to begin the process of designing and fund-raising now.

Statue project
The Bernardo De Galvez Texas SAR Chapter in Galveston is the first SAR chapter in our state; their first meeting was held December 8, 1896.  They have made it their ambition to honor the chapter’s and city’s namesake with a bronze statue on the city seawall.  They have worked hard and gotten the key ground and design work completed and now with the 250th anniversary of these galuant efforts approaching they have asked their compatriots across Texas and the US to lend a hand.  This is an exciting and worthwhile effort that should inspire all Americans.  To follow the project and learn more about the work of this patriot and his troops visit this link.

Galvez Trail project
- purpose statement being drafted

National Programs
Liberty Tree program
SAR 250th Anniversary - Liberty Tree Program

Memorial Bench program
SAR 250th Anniversary - Memorial Bench Program

Consitution Day program
SAR Constitution Day Education Program